Jumping In With Both Feet! The Only Way to Become a Developer Evangelist!

imageHi there, my name is Susan Ibach, and I am psyched to have just joined the Developer Evangelist team!

I love working with people, I love helping people, and I am a geek, so when the opportunity presented itself to join the developer evangelism team, well, to quote a cheesy Tom Cruise movie “They had me at Hello.” There is so much technology, it is a challenge for developers to keep up! When you find a technology you want to use, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. How do you know what technology to choose for a project? How do you get started with HTML5 without messing up existing applications? How do you play with the latest tools when working on a project that is using COBOL? (yeah, I did COBOL) Working as a developer evangelist I hope I will be able to use my knowledge and resources to help you however I can.

If you are curious, who is this Susan person? and where did she come from? Read on. For the past 9 years I have been a Microsoft Certified Trainer teaching SQL Server, .NET, ITIL, and Business Analysis. I love teaching. There is nothing like seeing that light in someone’s eyes when they “get it”. I have been very involved in the trainer community, presenting at TechDays and train the trainer events, helping in Hands on Labs at PDC or explaining the value of certification at TechEd. I even performed my infamous(?) Certification rap on stage last year at TechEd New Orleans.  (quick side note: If you followed that link you now know I have been known to make a complete fool of myself on occasion. To be fair, I was competing in a race organized by Microsoft Learning called the IT Grand Prix and that was one of a series of videos my teammate and I put together to encourage our supporters to help our Gold Team secure victory and a cash prize for our charity IDE. The IT Grand Prix was a wonderful experience working with charities that I am happy to talk about it endlessly if you just ask Smile )

When I am not geeking out, I am hanging out with my kids, or enjoying my husband’s awesome cooking. I am a bit of an exercise nut, at the moment I do Tae Kwon Do, kickboxing and running. I do occasionally sit still long enough to catch a hockey game (Go Sens Go!) or watch an episode of the Big Bang Theory.

My 5
Whenever I post a blog, I try to include a My 5, five little tips, or tricks, or interesting tidbits that I want to share on a particular topic. Today

5 Technologies or releases that have me very excited in no particular order

1.   HTML5 – anything that makes it easier to write code once and support it across platforms sounds good to me! Running it on IE9 or IE10 really rocks!
2.    Office 365 – I worked at a small company, I know how much trouble we had keeping our e-mail and SharePoint servers up to date (SharePoint 2003 anyone?)
3.    SQL Server Denali – I have always geeked out on SQL, can’t help myself Smile
4.    Xbox Kinect SDK – APIs for the Kinect! The possibilities are endless!
5.    Windows Phone 7 Mango – supports IE9, and that means HTML5 (refer to #1) and I can make my own ring tone, now I just have to decide whether I want the Cantina music from Star Wars or the Hockey Night in Canada music (the original of course)
I had a chance to meet a few of you at the IT Code Camp in Ottawa and I can’t wait to catch up with more of you at DevTeach in Montreal and Prairie Dev Con in Regina. Meanwhile drop me a line sibach@microsoft.com or twitter @HockeyGeekGirl you can also find me on LinkedIn and Facebook. Talk to you soon!

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