Is Microsoft becoming the cool kid?

Times are changing…

I just came back from Microsoft TechEd North America, so much more than PowerPoint!!

They had the Microsoft Mustang developed as Project Detroit that was developed with West Coast Customs. This project was so cool it was featured on CoolCarsHotGirls, who ever thought Microsoft would be on a website with a name like that!. By the way it’s Open Source too!

Similar to a concept car, Project Detroit was created to inspire developers to think about building apps and automotive technologies of the future. Connected-device scenarios featured in the car incorporate Kinect for Xbox 360, Xbox 360, the Windows operating system, Windows Phone, Windows Azure, Bing, Ford Sync and more.They had the Boxing Bots from Coding for fun (thank you Clint for helping me beat @GeekTrainer not once, but twice). This brings Rock’em Sock’em robots to a whole new level and controlled by Kinect! Coding4 Fun does some very cool stuff!

Battling Bots with Kinect

Not only that they had a whole section of classic arcade games. (Galaga!) Vijay destroyed me at air hockey, but I retained some Canadian pride by subsequently beating him at bubble hockey.

The Kinect just makes everything more fun, they even had a Windows 8 app on a massive screen where you could zoom in and out with Kinect on a flight tracking application!

I had some great discussions, including one with a developer from the company that built the Hunger Games and Prometheus websites using HTML5.

There were also  opportunities to check out Windows Phones including the Nokia Lumia 900 which was reviewed and recommended by Playboy magazine?!  Sure Consumer Reports recommending the Titan as a good buy, but Playboy!

I also had fun showing off my own Samsung slate running Windows 8 to lots of curious developers showing them some of the features that I think make developing for Windows 8 unique (Share Contracts rock!)

Oh yeah, there were some good sessions too Smile, I particular recommend the exam cam on the 70-599 Windows Phone exam, but I’m biased.

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